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New World Coins: Mastering the Ultimate Fire Staff Build in Season 4 Gear Attributes

The Fire Staff is a formidable weapon in New World, capable of unleashing devastating fire-based attacks on your enemies. In this guide, we will explore the best Fire Staff build for Season 4, including the optimal gear, attributes, and some tips and tricks to maximize your damage output.

Skill Trees:

Let's begin by delving into the skill trees that complement the Fire Staff build. In the Fire Staff tree, prioritize the left side to unlock the powerful Runes of Helios. The recommended skills to invest in are Pillar of Fire, Fireball, and Burn Out.

For the Great Axe skill tree, focus on Charge, Reap, and Execute. Including Execute in this build synergizes with Crippling Reap on the Great Axe, providing a guaranteed 200% weapon damage. This damage is further increased to 250% when striking a target below 50% health, and if the target drops below 30% health, you gain a 100% critical chance with Execute.

Blood Lust is another skill worth considering in this build, as it grants a 20% movement speed bonus when chasing targets and a flat 15% damage increase.


Now, let's discuss the gear that complements the Fire Staff build. Starting with the helmet, prioritize Health Shirking Heals, as well as Refreshing Shirking Heals, which play a vital role in this build. Featherweight is recommended for the Fire Staff and Abyss, as they do not require additional damage from artifacts like Tumbler Footwraps.

For the gloves, opt for Empowering Fireball to enhance your fire-based attacks. Legs and feet should have some Shirking Heals, although the specific gear mentioned is not necessarily the best-in-slot. The desired perk to aim for is Alacritous Punishment, and instead of Keenly Jagged for the proc, Plagued Crits is preferred.

The Abyss plays a crucial role in this build, and Crippling Reap is a must-have skill. Crippling Reap slows down the target by 50% for 4 seconds, effectively reaching the slow cap in the game.

When it comes to the Heartrune, the Stalwart Heartrune of Stoneform is highly recommended for its significant healing and survivability benefits. In terms of the amulet, Tanglevine with Champion's Ring and Endless Thirst is a popular choice.


Now, let's delve into the attributes that complement the best-in-slot gear. Unfortunately, this build involves a significant amount of magnify due to the Frigid Dawn gear, which is optimal for OPR and 33s. Featherweights, amulets, earrings, and the Abyss all contribute to magnify, resulting in a total of six magnify. Consequently, there are only two attribute options available.

One of the attribute options is 200 Constitution and 400 Intelligence. With six magnify, it is not possible to allocate additional points from Intellect to Strength or Dexterity. However, if you desire more damage on your Abyss and Fire Staff, you can reduce Constitution to 150 and increase Strength to 50. With 25 Strength, you gain a 5% light attack damage increase, and at 50 Strength, you benefit from a 10% heavy attack damage increase. These modifiers apply to both the Great Axe and the Fire Staff, significantly boosting your overall damage output.


In terms of perks, aim to include 5 Shirking Heals, 4 Elemental Aversion, and 2 Enchanted Ward. Incorporating 2 Enchanted Ward into this build is made possible by utilizing the freedom pieces of armor obtained from the Glacial Tarn Mutation dungeon. If you frequently participate in Outpost Rush, this gear is considered the best-in-slot. Shirking Heals remains a vital perk in this patch, especially in 1vX situations. Although Plagued Crits and Plagued Strikes currently reduce the healing provided by Shirking Heals, it remains the top choice for small-scale PvP encounters.

Tips and Tricks:

To master this build, it's essential to understand how to effectively utilize your abilities. If you are new to the Fire Staff, focus on incorporating light attacks between your abilities. This significantly boosts your DPS by applying Smolder stacks. While heavy attacks are ideal for cooldown management, weaving in a few light attacks between ability casts can lead to a substantial increase in damage output. The same principle applies to the Great Axe. Before executing Reap, make sure to perform an auto-attack both before and after to benefit from the additional weapon damage.

Mastering the Fire Staff build in New World requires practice and a deep understanding of its synergies. By optimizing your gear, attributes, and New World Coins for sale playstyle, you can unleash devastating fire-based attacks on your enemies, dominating the battlefield in Season 4 and beyond.


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