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Become a Professional Bus Driver in Realistic Cities with Bus Simulator 17

Bus Games Download 2017: A Guide for Gamers

If you are a fan of driving games, you might want to try out some bus games. Bus games are simulation games that let you experience the thrill and challenge of driving a bus in realistic environments. You can choose from different types of buses, such as city buses, school buses, double-decker buses, and more. You can also customize your bus with various colors, decals, and accessories. Bus games are fun, addictive, and educational. They can help you improve your driving skills, learn about traffic rules, and explore new places.

bus games download 2017


What are bus games?

Bus games are a subgenre of driving games that focus on driving buses. They are also known as bus simulators or bus driving games. Bus games aim to recreate the experience of being a bus driver in various scenarios. You can drive a bus on different routes, pick up and drop off passengers, follow the traffic signals, avoid collisions, and earn money. Some bus games also have missions, challenges, and achievements that you can complete to unlock new buses and features.

Why play bus games?

Bus games are not only entertaining but also beneficial for gamers. Here are some reasons why you should play bus games:

  • They are realistic and immersive. Bus games use high-quality graphics, sound effects, and physics to create a realistic environment. You can see the details of the bus interior and exterior, the passengers, the traffic, and the scenery. You can also change the camera angle, the weather, and the time of day.

  • They are challenging and rewarding. Bus games require you to drive carefully and skillfully. You have to follow the speed limit, obey the traffic rules, avoid accidents, and manage your fuel and time. You also have to deal with different situations, such as traffic jams, road works, bad weather, and emergencies. You can earn money and reputation by completing your tasks successfully.

  • They are educational and informative. Bus games can help you learn about driving a bus, such as how to steer, brake, park, and use the indicators. You can also learn about traffic signs, signals, and laws. Moreover, you can discover new places and landmarks by driving around different cities and countries.

How to download bus games?

If you want to play bus games on your device, you need to download them from a reliable source. There are many websites and platforms that offer bus games for free or for a fee. However, not all of them are safe and secure. Some of them may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Therefore, you should always download bus games from trusted sources, such as Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices.

Top 3 Bus Games of 2017

In this section, we will review the top 3 bus games that were released in 2017. We will look at their features, pros and cons, and how to download and play them.

Bus Simulator 17 - realistic bus driving game for Android

Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - immersive bus simulation game for PC and consoles

Public Transport Simulator - bus driving game with different vehicles and views

Bus Driver Simulator 2019 - bus simulation game with various routes and weather conditions

Coach Bus Simulator - bus driving game with open world map and multiplayer mode

Bus Simulator Indonesia - bus simulation game with Indonesian buses and cities

Bus Simulator: Ultimate - bus simulation game with realistic traffic and passengers

Heavy Bus Simulator - bus driving game with Brazilian buses and roads

World Bus Driving Simulator - bus simulation game with realistic physics and graphics

Bus Simulator: Original - bus driving game with detailed interiors and environments

Bus Driver 3D: Hill Station - bus simulation game with challenging hill routes and scenarios

City Coach Bus Simulator 2020 - bus driving game with modern city and traffic system

Euro Coach Simulator - bus simulation game with European coaches and destinations

School Bus Simulator 2017 - bus driving game with school buses and kids

Bus Parking Simulator 3D - bus simulation game with parking challenges and levels

Offroad Bus Simulator 2019 - bus driving game with offroad terrains and obstacles

Proton Bus Simulator Road - bus simulation game with Brazilian roads and buses

IDBS Bus Simulator - bus driving game with Indonesian buses and locations

Tourist Bus Simulator - bus simulation game with tourist buses and destinations

Modern City Bus Driving Simulator - bus driving game with modern city and traffic system

Indian Bus Simulator - bus simulation game with Indian buses and cities

Real City Bus Simulator 2017 - bus driving game with realistic city and traffic system

Fernbus Simulator - bus simulation game with German coaches and highways

Mountain Climb: Stunt Racing Game - bus driving game with stunts and hill tracks

Offroad Coach Bus Driving Simulator 3D 2017 - bus simulation game with offroad terrains and scenarios

City Bus Driving Mania 3D - bus driving game with city routes and missions

Euro Truck Driver (Simulator) - truck simulation game with European trucks and roads

School Bus Fun Driving 3D - school bus driving game with fun levels and challenges

American Truck Simulator 2017 - truck simulation game with American trucks and locations

Real Car Parking 2017 Street 3D - car parking simulation game with realistic graphics and physics

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 - car mechanic simulation game with various cars and tools

Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul - train simulation game with realistic trains and routes

Farming Simulator 18 - farming simulation game with various crops and vehicles

Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition - construction simulation game with various machines and projects

Flight Sim World: Pro Edition - flight simulation game with realistic planes and weather conditions

Euro Fishing: Ultimate Edition - fishing simulation game with various fish and locations

Police Car Chase Driving Simulator - police car driving game with chase missions and stunts

Fire Truck Driving Rescue Emergency Fire Engine Sim 3D: Firefighter Truck Driver Games Free For Kids 2017 - fire truck driving game with rescue missions and scenarios

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Bus Simulator 17


Bus Simulator 17 is one of the most popular bus games of 2017. It was developed by Ovidiu Pop, a company that specializes in simulation games. Bus Simulator 17 has many features that make it realistic and enjoyable:

  • It has realistic environments that are split into zones (central, suburban, industrial, and countryside) and have different weather conditions and day and night cycles.

  • It has a variety of buses that you can drive, such as school buses, articulated buses, double-decker buses, and more. You can also customize your buses with different colors, stickers, and accessories.

  • It has realistic traffic and passengers that react to your driving. You have to follow the traffic rules, avoid collisions, and respect the passengers' needs. You can also interact with the passengers by opening and closing the doors, selling tickets, and announcing the stops.

  • It has a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other players online. You can join or create your own bus company and cooperate or compete with other drivers. You can also chat with other players and share your achievements.

  • It has a free ride mode that lets you drive freely without any restrictions. You can explore the map, discover hidden places, and enjoy the scenery.

Pros and cons

Bus Simulator 17 is a fun and realistic game that will appeal to bus enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. However, it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Here are some pros and cons of Bus Simulator 17:


It has high-quality graphics and sound effects that create an immersive experience.It may lag or crash on some devices due to its high requirements.

It has a lot of content and features that keep the game interesting and varied.It may h


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