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Air Transat App: The Best Way to Plan, Book and Manage Your Travel

The \"Airlines\" series of watch faces is designed for aviators and avgeeks alike, and is based on my UTC Titanium watch face. To request your favourite airline, please use the \"Contact Developer\" link.Search tags: aviation, flying, pilots, pilot, avgeek, avgeeks, utc, gmt, zulu, air transat"; var appDescriptionMoreLabel = "More"; Show off your love and/or support for Air Transat with this analog watch face, featuring Air Transat's stylized star logo and UTC time. The watch has configurable accent and second hand colours plus steps, move and battery indicators.The "Airlines" series of watch faces is designed for aviators and avgeeks alike, and is based on my UTC Titanium watch face. To request your favourite airline, please use the "Contact Developer" link.

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The Air Transat App is a handy little program for Android and iOS that lets you download your boarding pass, set up alerts for your flights and even book a hotel. And the CinePlus apps mean you can download the inflight entertainment onto your phone, too!

Air Transat offers affordable flights to Canada, but how do you get to sleep on an eight-hour transatlantic trip? Here are ten tips to set you snoozing, from the best travel pillows for long-haul flights to travel essentials like noise-cancelling headphones.

A. Air Transat offers complimentary hot meals to Economy Class passengers on all transatlantic flights. This facility is available on flights from Canadian gateways to Europe as well as from Europe to Canada. These new meals have helped the airline to enhance the inflight experience of passengers.

Available to download starting today, March 2, the newly updated app provides travellers with timely information for pre-trip preparation, for their outbound and return flights and at their destination. Users can check in online, track their flight status, access their travel documents and more.

Im glad you had a nice experience...but...Let me preface by saying...I am NOT a complainer, nor am I someone who leaves negative reviews. I am generally VERY positive and give the benefit of the doubt for businesses. But this experience was just horrible, and I strongly caution anyone that's planning to book with AirTransat to do your research first.We booked a flight about a month ago. We were told we needed to call the airline to add our infant to the flight...and so we tried. For 3 weeks, we called just about every day. We waiting on hold for 8 hours or more, often to just have the call dropped after being on hold for so long. Believe it or we got a call back..2 hours after our flight LEFT!!! Could you imagine? Shame on your Airtransat.

I was delayed on air transat for one day they gave me food vouchers put me up overnight and breakfast at hotel and food for lunch nex day free travel to hotel and airport and gave me 200 dollars for my delay i always fly transat freindly staff and always get where i am going i will never fly anyone else great airline

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New inflight entertainment appAir Transat has just launched CinePlus B, an app specifically designed toallow passengers travelling on our Boeing 737 aircraft to watch moviesand TV shows on board, from their own mobile device. Passengers mustdownload the CinePlus B app*, as well as their entertainment selectionsfor inbound and outbound flights, a few days prior to departure.*Available on the App Store or the Google Play Store(from March 2016).Note: There is no WiFi access or charging station on our Boeing 737 aircraft. We recommend charging mobile devices prior to boarding. // February 9, 2016*Now available on the App Store, andcoming soon to the Google Play Store.


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